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I was the level designer on Perspective, a first-person puzzle game mixed with a 2D platformer. My responsibilities included the creation of all puzzles in the game, as well as all of the placement of objects and structures in the game.

Source Engine custom levels


Custom map – 2008

This map is a level designed in the Portal Hammer Editor that focuses on puzzles based on rotation. The player does not have a portal gun, so they must progress through puzzles that are stand-alone and have their own rule-set, somehow grounded in rotation.

This Portal level was my first real attempt at 3D level design. Luckily, Portal is a great game for a beginner to map for, since I didn’t have to worry about AI, sky-boxes, or combat. I could just focus on the puzzle design. The actual content of the level is quite¬†bizarre, since I didn’t implement the portal gun. Instead, I was basically attempting to create puzzles of my own kind, but since I didn’t know how to create my own game at the time, I used the source engine since that’s what I knew. The level ended up looking quite nice, but the puzzles were fairly hit-and-miss.

Team Fortress 2

VALVe Artpass Contest – 2010

The art pass contest put on by VALVe was a fun contest. The level designers at VALVe created the layout, and then sent it out to the world for contestants to detail. As this was the case, I was able to focus on making the map look nice instead of working on play-testing and balancing. My biggest problem was that I had classes at the same time that I was creating this, so while I can’t blame the classes, I will say that I did learn to manage my time wisely.